Yoga in meditation


December 2019 began the turmoil in the world that culminated in a global fear psychosis. It is now almost December 2021. We are two years on and what does the world look like now? What has happened in the larger world and what in your own world? How do you feel now? Is the fear still there or is there peace in your mind? Do you see the big picture differently now than in 2019?

I do not know what is in store for us. I do know that fear is the worst counsellor to lead your life and that a positive mind can help you get rid of it. And I know something else. We can just get busy building our new world. A world led by ourselves. You have all the time in the world to become aware and think of what you want the world to be like. I have asked you before to write that down for yourself. Back to the old normal is that the wish? That is not necessary. It does feel like the safest thing, but that too was a sham. 

The safety is only in yourself. When you can control your fear of the unknown, you can also find safety within yourself. And that is where the creation process begins. If you have a group of like-minded people around you, creating is even easier. 

The first thing to do is to make your life as simple as possible. That will help you and the world. Being busy and acting busy have everything to do with fragmented attention, not having clarity about priorities, with the result that your life energy continuously leaks away. For where your awareness is, that is where your energy goes. 

You can direct your consciousness. After all, you are the boss. When you master this art, you can focus perfectly and deeply and then you know that creativity and opportunity are also two pitfalls. They can be a huge distraction unless the two are aligned with your intentions and purpose in life. When you have these clear, then life becomes more beautiful, more tranquil and more peaceful every day.

In meditative yoga we do nothing but train ourselves to master our consciousness with our free will. Step by step. And the beautiful thing is that we also offer our whole body including organs and blood circulation everything to stay or come in balance. 

Here in Santo António das Areias the mini-outbreak of Covid is over after two weeks. The people and children who were in quarantine are healthy. So I can teach inside again. Since outside is not an option now. And I want to continue, especially in these uncertain times, the trainings that are immensely important for all of us.  

God willing, I will see you on Wednesday 24th of November at 10:00 in the indoor swimming pool of Santo António das Areias.

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